#TezQuakeAid Features

Links to all of the event coverage for #TezQuakeAid.

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How To Participate in #TezQuakeAid Fundraiser
Learn how you can participate in #TezQuakeAid and help earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.
The Art Raising 100K+ XTZ for Earthquake Victims
We’re highlighting some of our favorite pieces from the #TezQuakeAid relief efforts thus far.
The Weekly Recap: #TezQuakeAid, Women’s Day
It’s another week in the books for the DNS team and it’s time to recap what we’ve been up to.
The #TezQuakeAid Weekly Recap
We take a look at the last week of coverage surrounding #TezQuakeAid and highlight some good stuff from across the whole community.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Burka Bayram
We take the plunge and explore Burka Bayram’s body of work and highlight his #TezQuakeAid creation.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Cem Hasimi
Explore Cem Hasimi’s artwork as we take deeper dive into one of Web3’s most unique and talented artists around.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: omgidrawedit
We do a deeper dive into one of the most celebrated artists around on Tezos, the snazziest of us all, omgidrawedit.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: No Faith
We’re taking a heartfelt journey through the artwork and music of No Faith as we continue our series on the artists that have contributed to the #TezQuakeAid fundraising efforts.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: URBANDRONE
We explore the artwork of URBANDRONE in our continued series on the artists that are supporting #TezQuakeAid.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Damla
In this edition of the Artists of #TezQuakeAid, we’re featuring Damla, an experimental Istanbul based photographer.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Reyhan Mente
Explore the artwork of Reyhan Mente with us, an experimental Istanbul based photographer.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: malicioussheep56 (aka Sheep)
In this edition of The Artists of #TezQuakeAid we take a deep dive into the art of community leader and multidisciplinary artist malicioussheep56.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Lily White
In this edition of The Artists of #TezQuakeAid, we highlight the story of Lily White, tireless community leader and co-founder of TezTown.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Stu Sontier
In today’s Artists of #TezQuakeAid, we’re featuring @stusontier: an electric engineer combining satellite imagery & post-photographic works.
Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Paraxeno Daimonio
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid features continue with a deep dive and introduction to Paraxeno Daimonio, multidisciplinary artist and activist.