The Art Raising 100K+ XTZ for Earthquake Victims

We're highlighting some of our favorite pieces from the #TezQuakeAid relief efforts thus far.

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There's been a global outpouring of support for the victims of the massive earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria. As we covered in our last blog post, the Tezos community has come together to put together #TezQuakeAid.

On February 6th, a large magnitude earthquake struck the country of Turkey and northern Syria, resulting in over 41,000 deaths and even more injuries. Hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced as the focus shifts towards recovery efforts. The Tezos communities have come together in order to try and raise relief.

Today we're covering some of our favorite pieces in this fundraising effort. This list was assembled with the help of @malsheep56, who has been instrumental in organizing and cataloguing all the artwork from the event.

100% Proceeds

The following items will send 100% of their proceeds from sales to quakeaid.tez.

Charcoal Limbo 1 by @limb_00_

Limbo is a Lebanese interior architect and multidisciplinary artist based in Istanbul, Turkey who creates Limbos - limbs and faces entwined, an exploration of line and form in the human body in limbo, compressed.

This charcoal drawing is available as an edition of 50 for 3.5 XTZ with 100% of the proceeds going to the fundraising contract.

Rescue me by @VadimKalmykov_

Vadim Kamykov is a Turkish portrait photographer who was driven to mint his first NFT in support of the fundraising efforts for his country. This monochromatic piece has an ethereal quality that denotes depth and vulnerability, beauty and softness.

"Rescue Me" is available as an edition of 50 for 5 XTZ, 100% of the primary sales go to the fundraising contract.

Mindquakes by @_thunsai_

This piece by Thunsai is a GIF which explores the topographical branching shapes an earthquake takes across a surface. The forms mimic the pulsing of blood through veins and capillaries, the heartbeat we share as humans.

It is available as an edition of 100 at 1 XTZ, 100% of proceeds going to the fundraising contract.

Domestic Goddess by YedaiArt

You can still collect this wonderful piece of collage artwork on primary for 2.5 XTZ. 100% of sales go to #TezQuakeAid.

90%+ Proceeds

Support the cause and artist.

deprem oldum. by @MerchantCoppola

Merchant Coppola creates typographical art which explores the form of the crevice and the pain of the situation faced by the people of Turkey and Syria following the earthquakes.

This typographic artwork is available as an edition of 50 at 2.5 XTZ, with 95% of primary proceeds and royalties of secondary going to the fundraising contract.

Tremor by @a_tchuca

Andressa Furletti has created a performance video piece that is both captivating and heartbreaking. The use of the body as an instrument for storytelling the abstract emotions and the physicality of an earthquake was an excellent choice. Her performance evokes distress, helplessness, loss of control. With the audio pairing, this piece envelops the viewer in the building chaos of the moment.

This video piece is available as an edition of 100 at 5 XTZ, 89.95% of primary sales going to the fundraising contract.

Sold Out

This piece has been sold out on primary.

Don't let me out of your hands by Tania Rivilis

This outstanding piece is not available on the primary anymore, but does have some secondary listings. This item sold out 25 editions at 25 tez each, resulting in 625 tez raised for #TezQuakeAid. There are 0% secondary royalties on this item.

Continuing Efforts

So far over 95,000 tez has been raised, but it's just the beginning. We'll be continuing our coverage of #TezQuakeAid with deep dives and interview questions from the artists and other participants throughout the next week.

Explore the rest of the art at the #TezQuakeAid NFTBiker event page.

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