How To Participate in #TezQuakeAid Fundraiser

Learn how you can participate in #TezQuakeAid and help earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.

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On February 6th, a large magnitude earthquake struck the country of Turkey and northern Syria, resulting in over 41,000 deaths and even more injuries. Hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced as the focus shifts towards recovery efforts. For more information, click here. To find out how you can contribute with Tezos, continue reading.

The different Tezos communities have come together in order to try and raise relief. It's a collaboration between TezTown, NFTBiker, Teia, Versum, DNS, fx(hash), and OBJKT. There's several ways you can contribute, depending upon whether you're an artist, collector, or something in between.

Artist - Primary Sale Splits

In order to do a primary sale split on we can do an Advanced Sale. In this case we want to send 75% of the primary sales to the fundraiser address, which is KT1X1jyohFrZyDYWvCPXw9KvWxk2VDwxyg2g. The remaining 25% will go to the creator.


Artist - Royalty Splits

Royalty splits on secondary sales must be set up when minting the item. If you forget to set it before minting, you will have to burn and re-mint. You're able to change this setting towards the bottom of the minting page. Make sure at least 50% of the total royalty percentage is assigned to the fundraiser address, KT1X1jyohFrZyDYWvCPXw9KvWxk2VDwxyg2g.

Collecting Artwork from the Event

There are a few ways to navigate the artwork being minted for the event, but NFTBiker's event page is the best way to make sure the art you're buying is contributing at least 50% of the primary or secondary sales are being sent to the fundraiser wallet. If you search by tag via OBJKT you can be presented with artwork that isn't adhering to these rules.


Another option is to simply donate tez directly to the fundraiser wallet, which is KT1X1jyohFrZyDYWvCPXw9KvWxk2VDwxyg2g, or quakeaid.tez - both go to the same destination.

#TezQuakeAid Playlist

This link will bring you to our playlist for the event, which will contain all of the items we feature throughtout the event if you need to get caught up on any of the artwork.

🔗: #TezQuakeAid Playlist

More Ways to Help

As the earthquake's toll keeps increasing on a daily basis we are seeing thousands of creators, community leaders, and collectors in the Web3 community find new creative ways to support the first aid and disaster recovery workers. If you would like to get involved more in #TezQuakeAid you will find every resource at this link.

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