A Primer on the Growing Tezos Music Movement

Here's a primer to music creation, collection, and why Tezos is a great blockchain for it.

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Tezos is home to hundreds of experimental rappers, beat makers, electronic dance producers. During the past 18 months thousands of songs have been released. Let's have a look at this thriving ecosystem which was started by the likes of HENradio and Radion, with DNS now being the premiere platform to play music.

Why artists are picking Tezos

There are several reasons artists are choosing Tezos over other blockchains. The ecosystem is more conducive to independent creators - every major platform supports audio files along with the cover art. This means that OBJKT, Teia, Versum, and DNS will all detect each other's audio NFTs and play them.

Artists in Tezos have a well established lineage of experimentation and tinkering, for example with Laurence Fuller and Victoria West's work in digital art. The same is true of music NFTs on Tezos. Bai-ee has been creating musical artworks that let the listener interact and play with the music from within the NFT.  Acrwrs took the scans of a beetle's tunneling through a tree and turned them into musical waveforms. It's a reminder of the 80's spirit of mixtapes and bespoke audio hardware inventions, reborn in the world of blockchain.

The Compositor / Composing by acrwrs

An eclectic range of musicians

There are several hundreds of great examples of excellent musicians in the ecosystem. The following artists are a good starting point into your Tezos music journey.

Hip Hop

Electronic / Instrumental

Nobody's Watching by Violet7rip

Alternative Music

VAN BLOW by Marcelo

Exploring that Tezos sound

SS2022-42 The G.O.A.T by Ejkew

If you'd like to learn more about this growing movement make sure to check out the daily releases on DNS, Radion, and OBJKT's audio category, or read the following guides:

The DNS Team

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