The Art Recap: December 2022

Our latest article includes an eclectic mix of up and coming independent creators. Here's our highlights for December's releases.

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It's time for our final monthly review of 2022 and take a second look at some of our most cherished releases and features from December. It was a pleasure of ours to highlight so many independent creators in the space. Once we're finished with this recap we'll be able to truly put 2022 behind us.

In case you missed it, we also did a music review as well.


Our first piece is #8 from callvindumb's (twitter) latest collection: "Nimble". It features his signature soft, colorful palettes and interesting animations. It's a delightful blend of quirky and compelling, another recurring theme in their work. The animation used in this GIF is composed of only 3 frames which isn't typical, but it is used to great effect with the texture and blemish placement, resulting in a very fluid looking animation. All in all, an extremely polished and high quality collection from callvindumb.

Beneath The Surface

It was a prolific end of the year for one of the most talented AI artists in the space, Artificialis (twitter). This particular item is titled "Beneath The Surface" (part of the Aquarius collection) and is hauntingly beautiful. The ethereal lighting evokes feelings of smoothness, flowing, and peace. The ambiguousness of this image is that it's not obvious if it's intended to show the angel going down to darkness or into the light.


FX(T)rash is both a collaborative and generative project by nor44 (twitter) and ROBNESS (twitter) found on fxhash. It's a digital artwork attempting to challenge the viewer's perception of what is considered art. The images of the crumpled up photograph and napkins create a sense of disregard, that these objects, often considered trash, could also be considered art. Finally, the piece of scrap paper with DOOR written on it adds a layer of mystery, inviting us to delve just a little deeper beneath the surface.

Cloudy Mind

"Cloudy Mind" is a powerful introduction to Siradipity's (twitter) ability to explore interesting or dissonant themes, often times through their use of extremely vibrant colors. There are some almost collage-like elements on display here as well, show that he's talented at assembling disparate parts into something bigger than their sum. It creates a strong sense of energy and movement, bringing the viewer back into the piece.

Messenger, Tattletale, & Witness

It's been quite some time since we've seen a new drop from HPLoveBux (twitter), but as our luck would have it, he managed to complete The Bird as Messenger, Tattletale, & Witness before 2022 expired. The piece itself is a commentary regarding how much effort and energy is spent to pay attention to things like Twitter, cancel culture and the fear of being called out, but we're hopelessly addicted to the gossip and the drama as we explore "post-Americana".

The Board

Laurence Fuller (twitter)is at it again with new innovations. We've previously written about his unique strategies with burn mechanics. This time he is looking to the collectible side of things. The premise for this was simple: collect all the pieces to the chess board, get qualified for an actual online chess match, and the winner will get to face off against Laurence himself.

It was a simple twist, but added quite a bit of excitement to this whole experiment, and made for a fun viewing experience together in Twitter Spaces. It'll be wonderful to see other creators replicate this style drop in different contexts as we move forward. The drop performed well and was a lovely send off to the year of 2022.

Farewell to 2022

I want to wrap this review up by simply saying that it has been a pleasure to feature so many talented and wonderful people this year and I am grateful to be here. If 2023 is half as good as 2022 was, I think we'll be in phenomenal shape.

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