The #TezQuakeAid Weekly Recap

We take a look at the last week of coverage surrounding #TezQuakeAid and highlight some good stuff from across the whole community.

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Another week is in the books for the collective efforts of #TezQuakeAid! There was quite a bit happening and here is the condensed version of events. If you're interested in learning how you can contribute to the fundraising efforts check out our blog post.

We try to showcase new pieces of art everyday from a variety of creators, and thanks to the community's support there is no shortage of work to feature. All of these pieces donated at least 50% of the proceeds to the fundraiser, with many being 100% of primary sales and secondary royalties.

When we posted this article we were just over 90,000 XTZ raised. As of writing this, there has been roughly 110,000 XTZ raised thus far.

Here's some of our favorite items featured this week on the DNS homepage. Many of these are still available on primary!

Palettes, created by @platformmmm and Prometheus Balikh 001, created by @D_VISION7 are a couple of intersting generative art pieces that we featured. They're both still available on primary, with Palettes at 2 XTZ and Prometheus Balikh at 16 XTZ.


Tremor, created by @cr24ti7e , is a compelling piece in the context of the earthquake relief efforts. It sends a somber, but uplifting message to not give up. You can still collect this on the primary market for 5 XTZ.


"The column of the house is the mainstay for the inhabitants living in it."

home, created by @BaharAkkoyun5 is my personal favorite from this week. The colors, composition, and the included quote remind us of the personal need to find a sense of home. This can be collected on the primary market for 3 XTZ, with 100% of the proceeds being donated.

Rose of hope, created by @WW_Leopold is beautifully crafted piece that's part of a collection titled Millenium Gallery. There are still plenty of editions available for purchase, and Rose of hope will only set you back 0.5 XTZ.

Rounding out the favorites from the last week is Burden II by @OWinaga, a leader of the dark art genre. The piece is completely sold out on primary, however, 50% of the royalties from secondary sales continue to go towards the #TezQuakeAid fundraiser.

#TezQuakeAid at Times Square, NYC

animus, one of the organizers of #TezQuakeAid, was given the opportunity by ArtCrush to curate pieces to display in Times Square. We would like to thank animus for using this opportunity to highlight the art from #TezQuakeAid. It was  shared in this Twitter thread.

#TezQuakeAid in a Documentary

@SilkyWayArt, an active participant in the Tezos ecosystem, was able to generate a donation to earthquake relief efforts and get one of her #TezQuakeAid pieces used as marketing material for an upcoming documentary. We want to wish her a personal congratulations and thank her for her contributions.

Here and Now: #TezQuakeAid Digital Experiences

WideawakeBeets has been innovating bespoke digital experiences on Tezos for a long time. This week he featured live performances from SharkAnth0ny and Laurence Fuller and organized a gallery space by #TezQuakeAid and Jenni Pasanen. It was a great way to bring attention to the cause in a very unique setting, and looked to be a really great time.

That's a wrap on the last week of #TezQuakeAid coverage. Did we miss anything? Let us know on Twitter or Discord!

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