The Weekly Recap: #TezQuakeAid, Women's Day

It's another week in the books for the DNS team and it's time to recap what we've been up to.

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The days continue to fly by in the world of Web3 and it's already time for another weekly recap from the DNS team. We know the weekend may have been a bit hectic for those in tech. Hopefully everyone is fine, and we will resume our normal posting schedule.

#TezQuakeAid Artwork

The efforts to keep #TezQuakeAid fundraising efforts in the spotlight continued this week. We featured a bevy of new artwork that went to support the cause. The last recap that was posted had the event at 110,000 XTZ raised. At the time of writing this, the grand total stands now at about 115,000 XTZ - so let's not try to lose steam and keep the momentum going.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the previous week.

Echo by 0neMoreTime

Echo, created by 0neMoreTime is an eye catching combination of a monochrome color palette and something akin to a film grain effect. It's a paradox depicting a scene in outerspace, where such things cannot exist.

Storm over cotton fields by @chuckit01

Storm over cotton fields, created by @chuckit01 is a beautifully done piece of landscape photography. I felt as if I was being transported to the midwestern United States on a cool Summer night, driving home before it starts to rain, and catching the final glimpses of a spectacular sunset.

Rise and Fly by @pamaro0607

Rise and Fly, created by @pamaro0607 captured an epic sunrise filled to the brim with hot air balloons, in the historic region of Cappadocia, which is also located in Turkey. The use of black and white photography in this scenario was used to excellent effect, giving the hot air balloons a dreamlike aesthetic.

The Artists of #TezQuakeAid

Our coverage of artists participating in the fundraising and organizational efforts continued this week, and we featured 3 different artists. These have been extremely well received and we're grateful to shine a spotlight on these deserving artists. We also set up a Google form that you can fill out to recommend coverage of future artists (you can nominate yourself!), so if you're interested you can view the form here at:

We featured Lily White, Reyhan Mente, and malicioussheep56.

The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Reyhan Mente
Explore the artwork of Reyhan Mente with us, an experimental Istanbul based photographer.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: malicioussheep56 (aka Sheep)
In this edition of The Artists of #TezQuakeAid we take a deep dive into the art of community leader and multidisciplinary artist malicioussheep56.
The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Lily White
In this edition of The Artists of #TezQuakeAid, we highlight the story of Lily White, tireless community leader and co-founder of TezTown.

You can find the rest of our featured artists on this page. The list is getting quite long!

International Women's Day

Wednesday, March 8th was International Women's Day, and so we diverted our attention from #TezQuakeAid for a brief moment to highlight some of the most influential and creative women in Web3. It was a lengthy list and we tried to fit everyone in there that we could. Let us know on Twitter who you would like to see highlighted in the future.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Web3 Style
Celebrate International Women’s Day with us as we highlight some of the most talented and amazing women creating in Web3.

Signing off

That puts a wrap on the important items for DNS and Tezos news this week. Did we miss anything? Let us know! You can always find the official feed on Twitter.

We love hearing from artists and collectors about how to build to serve the Tezos community. You can reach me, Klick (Community), the dev team, Chris aka catman (COO), or Shoku (CEO) in our Discord or on Twitter Spaces.

The DNS Team

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