Celebrating International Women's Day, Web3 Style

Celebrate International Women's Day with us as we highlight some of the most talented and amazing women creating in Web3.

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March 8th is International Women's Day, a day meant to raise awareness, promote equality and inclusion, and celebrate women from all over the world. Today we're highlighting some of the incredibly talented women creators from across the Web3 ecosystem. Let's dive in right away, there's a lot of awesome content to get through.

Joanna (joanna.tez)

Joanna is a photographer based out of India whose work often examines our concepts of self perception, mental health, and well being. She's a strong vocal advocate for the art of photography at large and is a staunch supporter of her fellow photographers.

Taysa Jorge (taysajorge.tez)

Taysa is a self taught artist artist based out of the Canary Islands in Spain. After studying dance for several years she made her way into photography in 2015 as a new method of artistic expression, using her camera and Photoshop as part of her creative processes. Much of her work has an otherworldly, almost surreal aesthetic to it, coalescing around themes of nature and humanity.

In her own words, this is from Taysa's personal website:

"I don't want to create fantasy or dreamy worlds, but to make ordinary things look in unusual ways, trying to uncover life's hidden messages we’re not trained to see in our daily routines."

Francein Krieg (francienkrieg.tez)

Francien Krieg is a traditional oil painter with over 20 years of experience based out of Amsterdam. She also has began incorporating artificial intelligence artwork into some of her work, resulting in some truly unique pieces. The most common theme seen throughout her bodies of work revolve around the process of aging and acceptance of the human form.

Choen Lee (choen.tez)

Choen Lee is a multidisciplinary artist who has won awards in photography. Lately she has been drawing and illustrating a lot more. She has a distinct style, and she covers themes revolving around censorship, control, the self, all while playing with the imagination.

Mother (m0ther.tez)

I had the chance to ask Mother directly about her artwork and this was her response:

"I use visual and written poetry to reflect on my own experiences. I am a human and a woman, sometimes existing and sometimes not, who delights in creating my own symbols while borrowing others from art history."
"I think the best ending for my life will be embracing my decaying insanity and very publicly losing my mind until all of my art is about eggs and I am only remembered for creating beautifully grotesque things."

Jen Panepinto (quantumspirit.tez)

"I feel like all my work has a surreal element to it, I feel like my head is in the clouds all the time...

Jennifer Panepinto is a visual artist who combines analog and digital processes, using a variety of mediums ranging from Polaroid film to artifical intelligence. Her works are inspired by her own mental health journeys, exploring both positive and negative concepts.

Anna Shadchneva (Anna on DNS)

Anna Shadchneva is a traditional artist and painter based out of Russia. She creates extremely detailed paintings of dinner plates, often depicting various activities that incorporate the food items in interesting ways.

Katerina Sokova (Sokova on DNS)

Katerina Sokova is a photographer, cinematographer, director, and NFT artist based out of Russia. She runs a professional portrait studio and creates NFTs, in addition to being involved in creating films, showcasing her flair for the beautiful.

Solla Solva (sollasolva.tez)

In Solla's own words:

"I have dabbled in many fields of the arts throughout my life, but I’ve never believed I could draw. As it turns out, I’ve just been scared of being bad at something I love doing. I used to be so intimidated by sketchbooks[...]my best drawings always tended to end up on cheap napkins and or loose scrap paper. Those items allowed me to draw without hesitation. Why not draw silly things on paper scraps if they're going to be thrown out anyway?

"In realising this I discovered a loophole: I can't fail if I purposely try to make something bad. Today, this is my art’s primary incentive. I currently focus on comedic illustration and do so while playing with words, ideas and nonsensicality[...]I attempt to break free from design ‘rules’ and the pressure of perfection.

"I draw all Odd Nods with a permanent marker so that I cannot erase my mistakes. This forces me to produce more and reminds me to value my concepts over their aesthetics.

Leslie Spurlock (leslieaspurlock.tez)

In Leslie's own words:

"As a photographer and photojournalist for almost 30 years, my work revolves around storytelling and giving a voice to the voiceless. I've covered Haiti 6 times, lived with rebels, photographed atrocities, and I've also photographed beauty. I consider myself to be an impact photographer. My latest work covers tribal cultures that are dying out.

TAN-TAN (tan-tan.tez)

In TAN-TAN's own words:

"I enjoy fusing the artistic elements of the east and the west. I attempt to render the intense features of manga characters in the serenely idealised style of baroque and neoclassical masters such as Diego Velazquez and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The difference, however, is that unlike the aforementioned works, my protagonists are not created by male authors for predominantly male audiences. I attempt to redefine these motifs and cross societally established barriers between cultures and genders."

Kato Trofimova (Kato on DNS)

Kato Trofimova is an illustrator and visual artist based out of Latvia. She combines minimalist aesthetics in a generative style to produce very smooth and eye catching pieces with extremely colorful and vivid palettes.

Kate Vakulinska (katevakulinska.tez)

Katerina Vakulinska is an experimental and conceptual photographer based out of Ukraine. She tells stories that can be seen throughout each collection, using dark themes to great effect.

WenGG (WenGG on DNS)

WenGG is an artist who draws completely by hand, creating beautiful and intricate mandala-styled works. Her body of work is growing, with subjects including animals, faces, and Egypt.

Victoria West (victoria.tez)

Victoria West is an award winning photographer from Canada. She won Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2019, 2020, and 2021, awarded by the Professional Photographers of Canada group. She entered Web3 in 2021 and has been deeply involved in onboarding and community building. Stellar Gallery, a Cryptovoxels community gallery was also founded by Victoria to better promote small artists. She's an active host on Twitter Spaces where you can often hear one of her many dogs barking.

We hope you enjoyed this feature of talented women in Web3. It's an honor to be able to showcase all these great works on International Women's Day and we look forward to the next. Let us know who would have made your list by giving us a shout on Twitter, or jump into the Discord and give us a ping.

You can also submit artists that you would like to see featured (including yourself) using the nomination form located at: or

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