5 Things to do With Lists

Lists on are more powerful than you thought. Read on for some examples of how to leverage one of our most versatile features!

2 years ago

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We love making lists and organizing things, which is why we've designed our Lists feature on to be versatile. If you haven't tried making one yet, read our guide on how to get started. Here's a refresher on how to make a new list. ⬇️

Smash the + button to create a new list.

Now we can go over some of the different ways we can put these lists to work.

#1 - Curate Work 📋

This is a curated list of my favorite black & white pieces. 🔗: CHROMAL

It hasn't been easy to organize or curate large collections of NFTs until very recently, and none of them have been as powerful as DNS. We display every NFT from Ethereum, Tezos, and Polygon and you can group them up however you like.

So if you want to display fine art, trash art, and PFPs on your page, now you can. Don't let your dreams be memes. You are your own curator now. 💪

#2 - Secondary Listings 💰

So you've dug out a few of your finest NFTs from the vault, relisted them, but you want a polite way to tell your friends and followers about it. But how? One option is to make a list! You can use it to highlight the items that you're hoping to resell. It's a polite and discrete way to let other's know that you might have a deal for them. Shill in style with lists!

#3 - Moodboards 🥴

This is my fun, colorful board. 🔗: KOLORPHAIL

What's better than a moodboard? A Web3 moodboard, of course. Lists on DNS are the same as adding something to a Pinterest board, just with NFTs rather than regular images. It's a very simple concept that DNS lists are perfect for.

#4 - Onboarding New Creators & Collectors

This is an example of something that could be given to newcomers. 🔗: Blue Chip Examples

When new people enter the NFT space, it is often overwhelming with the amount of content out there and can be challenging to not only find something that you enjoy, but also coming from a source that you can trust. Lists are a great way to showcase the quality artwork that Tezos and Ethereum has to offer!

#5 - Flex on Friends

I'm flexing on you right now becuase I own a copy of Absorbed by Anna Natter.

Last, but not least, you can always use our lists to show off the rarest, most expensive, coolest NFTs that your friends don't have. It's not enough knowing that they can already see the contents of your wallet, you need to assemble a gorgeous, badass playlist that will induce the most FOMO possible. DNS's Lists feature makes all that possible!

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago