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One of the great things about is how easy it is to create lists, or playlists of items. We've designed it so you can add any kind of NFT (artwork, music, videos, and anything else) you want to a shareable list. Let's explore how.

This is our featured playlist section of the homepage.

Step 1

Sync your wallet to DNS.

Step 2

On the left hand side of the page, there should be a section for your playlists. Select the plus (+) icon to expose the playlist creation box. Once you've entered the name, click the Create button and it will show up underneath.

If you select the new list, you'll be presented with an empty page that looks like this.

Let's add some items to the list now.

Step 3

When browsing NFTs on DNS, whether that's from the homepage, viewing a specific collection, someone's profile, etc,  there will be a few action buttons that appear on the individual cards. One of these is the "Add to playlist" button.

Selecting the add to playlist button will bring up a small window where you can select which playlist you want to add it to.

Once you see the box checked, you can visit that playlist's page and see the items you've added.

Editing Lists

One last thing to note, is that you can edit the order of the playlist and change the name as well. Simply use the edit button and you'll be able to change the order and name of the list.

Wrapping Up

We would love to see what lists you can come up with. If you've assembled a cool list, give us a shout in the Discord or @dns on Twitter and let us know, we might be able to feature it on the homepage.

The DNS Team

Published a year ago