More Speed and Searching, Improved NFT Page & Music Player

Another round of upgrades at improved search, loading screen, profile URL handling, Tezos Domain and ENS improvements.

2 years ago

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It's been another fast week at DNS. The team managed to get a number of fixes, improvements, and new features implemented, and the best site in Web3 continues to get even better. Let's get into some of the details.

Speed, Performance Upgrades

We've made even more improvements to the platform this week.  We removed some data queries we weren't using anymore, fixed some pages that had been crashing, and improved video loading.

We've changed how we handle our .tez and .eth information so it's now much easier to search for them. It should now be much easier to find your favorite creators on DNS.

Even Prettier

We even upgraded our loading screen. 😎

Profile URLs

Our profile pages should now redirect to a respective .tez/.eth name rather than the wallet address. For example:

Will now redirect to: or

New NFT Page

Our new NFT pages are looking (and performing) much better.

Music Player Upgrades

Our mini player UI has been reworked and feels much more intuitive.

Our full screen view has also been upgraded. It looked good before, but now it looks fantastic. We'll be having a deep dive article on the new music player soon with more details, so stay tuned for that.

If you have feedback, be sure to let us know in the Discord. We thrive off of user feedback and welcome you to join us in our daily team meetings Monday - Friday at 9AM PST.

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago