The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Ankhae

We have another #TezQuakeAid artist to feature, and this time we're taking a dive into Ankhae's monochrome explorations into fantasy and the unconscious.

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This post is from a series of deeper dives into the work of artists contributing to #TezQuakeAid. For more information on how you can support the relief efforts, click here.


Ankhae (Twitter, Instagram) is a digital creative with 25 years of experience in visual communication. He produces new work almost every day to satisfy an urge for creating visuals. Ankhae operates without a roadmap while creating his art, drawing inspiration from blurred memories. He prefers the audience to interpret his work as they see fit, forging their own connections to his work. The creative freedom is a form of meditation for him, and he uses it to heal.

Ankhae's unplanned approach to creating art is a continuous practice in exploration. There is no set destination, just joy in the process:

I'm not sure I arrived anywhere. I feel like I'm on the road, and I'm just enjoying it. I don't know what will happen or where it will lead.

Part of Ankhae's process is a journey into the unconscious.  His unstructured process enables him to access otherwise forgotten memories, which inform his art:

It could be a memory, a filtered feeling that popped into my mind after 25 years of visual accumulation, or anything I've seen that impressed me. Mixing them all together and recreating them unconsciously is my way to heal myself. If I'm happy with the result, it becomes a new piece.


At the time of writing this, Ankhae has raised a combined 1645 XTZ. Ankhae contributed a collection of 9 pieces to #TezQuakeAid, where he is donating 100% of the primary sale and secondary royalties to the cause. Where most artists dropped editions for the fundraiser, Ankhae created eight 1/1 pieces with a ninth item of 100 editions. There are two 1/1 pieces left on the primary market, and his secondary sales have exceeded 5,000 XTZ in volume. Three of his pieces were selected for the Tezos Foundation's Permanent Collection.

Where Next?

We would like to thank Ankhae for dedicating such a stunning body of work to the TezQuakeAid fundraiser. We're fortunate that so many talented artists have been able to give their support.

What pieces have you collected from the #TezQuakeAid event? Tell us and show us on Twitter. If you or a friend have a big #TezQuakeAid collection, reach out and we'd love to feature it here.

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