#TezQuakeAid: Depictions of Turkiye

We rounded up all of the #TezQuakeAid artwork we could find that depicted the country of Turkey somehow.

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This post is from a series of deeper dives into the work of artists contributing to #TezQuakeAid. For more information on how you can support the relief efforts, click here.

For #TezQuakeAid, we've seen a lot of deeply personal works, some directly connected to the earthquakes. We have featured several artists from Turkiye in our artist deep dives. Today, we wanted to show works for #TezQuakeAid that depicted Turkiye itself.

This series of photos from @nonesnesss capture three different areas from the country of Turkiye.  "Chapter 1 Istanbul" (8x available at 2 XTZ) captures the juxtaposition of nature and urban life, as a tree emerges from the sidewalk. "Chapter 2 Izmir" (9x available at 2 XTZ) greets us with the dense cityscape of Izmir with urban structures defying the hazy sky that loom over it. "Chapter 3 Pamukkale" (10x available at 2 XTZ) is named after the city in western Turkiye famous for its hot thermal springs and snow-white limestone.

The Istanbul series from @atphotobg is comprised of four distinct photographs, offering a diverse visual journey through the city. "Istanbul #1" (77x available at 1 XTZ) and "Istanbul #4" (71x available at 1 XTZ) capture different views of the renowned Blue Mosque, an iconic symbol of the city. "Istanbul #2" (75x available at 1 XTZ) reveals a burned out and run down building, providing another view point of Istanbul. "Istanbul #3" (75x available at 1 XTZ) captures the Galata Tower on a clear day, a pale blue sky contrasting with the yellow and oranges of the surrounding buildings.

"In Istanbul Port" (3x available at 3.5 XTZ) a painting from @nina_asur, captures a serene atmosphere of a boat in Istanbul. The subtle presence of someone on board alongside the fluidity of the watercolor medium conveys calmness. "Old Post Office" (Sold for 2,500 XTZ on primary), captured by @filekyurdakul, is an 1890's mansion designed by architect Sarkis Lole, standing as a testament to the rich cultural history and artistic talent that shaped the city of Mardin.

"Kids of Hatay" (45x available at 5 XTZ), a black and white photo from @h_biyiklioglu, presents three children in front of a closed garage door, happily eating their snacks together. @Padrino brings the second piece, Never Lose Hope (45x available at 5 XTZ), depicting the baby Muhammed sipping water after being trapped underneath rubble for 45 hours. Last, we have Heartquake (96x available at 2 XTZ) from emirgork, serving as reminder of the emotional toll the country has taken. Together, these images provide a captivating exploration of the diverse human experiences within Turkey.

"Pray For Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria" (90x available at 1 XTZ) by @MangSlan is an illustration of people coming together around Turkey's flag with a white flower serving as the flag pole. "Stay Strong" (8x available at 0.5 XTZ) by @ToroBravo100 is a photograph of an old man holding the flag in front of the Blue Palace, signaling pride for Turkey. @dezentral1's  piece "Recovered" (0x available) signals the strength to come back after such a tragedy.

"The Blue Mosque" (17x available at 1.75 XTZ) is a beautiful rendition from the traditional oil painter @Vorobievaart. @titoys90 takes a colorful and vivid approach, making "Memory" (80x available at 1 XTZ) a great contrast. "Blue Mosque, Istanbul" (25x available at 1 XTZ) from @TonyStreetz29 is a 3D rendered version of the famous mosque, giving it a futuristic sheen.

Sedefkar Mehmed Agha (48x available at 2 XTZ) and Miracle in Istanbul (0x available), respectively created by @michaelalstad and @ahoNFT, are two different pieces of photography, showing The Blue Mosque in drastically different views. One is a sweeping look up to the sky, giving perspective at just how large it is. The other provides us with a celebratory, festive vibe as the entire rainbow is projected into the water in front of the mosque, giving it a retro futuristic aesthetic.

Wrapping Up

We would like to thank everyone for contributing to the efforts of #TezQuakeAid and taking the time to share their work. If you would like to support the artists you can find all of their artwork here. Let us know your favorites on Twitter, or jump into our Discord server.

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