The Art of October

We revisit some of our favorite artists that were featured on the DNS homepage this October. Continue reading for beautiful art!

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October has been a busy month on the DNS front page. We've been promoting the different community events that have been happening - we've been featuring Iranian artists, promoting the #SavePakistan flood relief efforts, and we just finished with #TezWild coverage. That's a lot of content, so it's a good time to do a recap of things as we approach November. โคต๏ธ

#IranResist Picks

Narrowing my favorites down from the Iranian creators we featured was actually quite challenging. There's a tremendous amount of creators in Iran that are extremely talented, and trying to pick one item over the other was difficult! I discovered a lot of new artists to follow and found a lot of NFTs I want in my collection.


Desert Lily, the middle image, was the one we actually featured on the homepage, but @partoooz's other works were also front-page worthy. The color and composition on all of these images is beautifully done, and we are hopeful that Partoooz will put out more of their work. ๐Ÿ™


@NegarFakhar is a very well known and accomplished Iranian artist in the NFT space. Her dreamy, surreal aesthetic is always a little awe inspiring to look at. Her different uses of grain and adding texture to the images is also extremely compelling and adds another element when consuming her artwork. I strongly encourage people to check out the rest of her catalog, you will be happy you did.


@tinaa_omo is a very new addition to my personal watchlist. Her works bring me a lot of satisfaction just glancing at it for a few seconds. It's so easy to love the minimalism style with the soft pastel-like colors, but still retaining a sharpness to it. Simple, but not shallow, and retains enough depth to easily appreciate the time and care put into the works.

#SavePakistan Favorites

The #SavePakistan event was a collaborative effort between DNS, Teia, and @TezTown to raise funds for flood relief in Pakistan, which they need a lot of. It brought in a nice range of artists from all over the world and there's art for everyone to find here.


Chances are if you've been in the Tezos and Ethereum NFT ecosystems for a while, you've run across urbandrone at one point or another. They have a larger body of work available to browse than most artists in the space, and doesn't miss very often. I have always had a fascination with the quality of the textures he creates with his work - it's like I need to feel it or touch it somehow. In an ecosystem filled with some high quality creators, he's managed to consistently stand out amongst the crowd.


I think that @annaxmalina's work is enchanting. It hits all of my personal favorite buttons - heavy monochrome aesthetics, photography, collage work, and feelings of melancholy. You can look at so many different pieces of their work and just wrap yourself up in them for a minute. If any of those qualities are important to you - please do check out more of Anna's work. She's one of my favorite artists I've stumbled across in recent memory.

#TezWild Winners

There were a ton of submissions to the TezWild event, and we just published our recap of all the festivities, so read that for the full recap. The fun thing about the #TezWild event was that they had judges in the event to award a grand prize and two runner ups. Here's the winners. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Now What?

We're going to be keeping that momentum going as we close out 2022. Expect several different themes and events to be covered. We have some festivities planned already around art and music themes, but we'd love to hear from the community too. What would you find compelling and interesting? Let's chat!

Did we have any big misses this month? Let us know on Discord how we can continue to improve our event coverage for you!

The DNS Team

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