#SavePakistan Flood Relief Recap

#SavePakistan is an effort by the Tezos community to raise funds for flood relief in Pakistan. Take another look at the artwork that's been featured for the last week.

2 years ago

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During the past week, we've been featuring artwork for #SavePakistan. The country was recently victim of floods that kept over 10% of its land under water, 32M people displaced, and 5M don't have access to drinking water. A collective of artists and platforms, together with TezTown, Teia and DNS started an effort to raise money. To date, 50 artworks were created or donated, from 45 artists. This has helped generate donations of 3800 Tez.

As we write this, the event is still ongoing and accepting contributions. If you work to join their smart contract, read more about it here.

Transform5 by @brainspinky2014

The Art

Here's some of the artwork that was featured on the homepage. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the event. It's going to require a monumental amount of effort to get Pakistan all the help it requires, so every little bit helps.

feed by @annaxmalina

feed by @annaxmalina is a gorgeous piece of collage artwork and one of my favorite pieces from the event. The subtle creases in the paper and blank eyes give it a distinct air of feeling unsettled. Overhead the waveform grid combined with the direct line between the two faces call to mind an exactness, a surety of some sort.

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Looking Ahead

In closing, we'd like to thank Lily White from TezTown, MerchantCoppola from Teia, as well as the organizers of the event from both TezTown and Teia, the artists who contributed, and everyone who collected during the last week. One particular highlight was to see Mike Shinoda get into the mix as well. But it's going to take the efforts of everyone, as Pakistan's recovery has only just begun.

REVERBERATION by mikeshinoda

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The DNS Team

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