October's Favorite Featured Musicians

We revisit some of our favorite musicians we've featured over the last month. Grab some headphones and listen along.

2 years ago

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We've been featuring a lot of different music and musicians on the homepage of DNS, and so we wanted to revisit some of our favorites from this month and give them the spotlight one more time before passing the mic. A playlist has also been prepared to accompany this article here, if you need the "didn't read, will listen" version.

📃: October's Favorites Playlist

Kane Mayfield

Identity (A Year & A Day)

We featured one Kane's recent drops titled "Identity" this last month and it's a heartfelt retelling of a personal letter he wrote with his first minted NFT, which was 1 year and 1 day ago on the release of this track. His complex lyrics are always challenging you to keep up, and this track is no exception.

His catalog of music is packed to the brim with quality that demands being listened to. His newest drop is G.I. Joe, but he's got some interesting pieces on Tezos as well, like "I'm a businessman".

Ella Therese

Ella is an alt-pop artist based out of America's west coast. THIRTYFOUR was their genesis NFT drop. It featured 8 items and you can view them all on this playlist we created here. It's a short listen if you want to listen to the whole thing, and we encourage everyone to check it out.

Track #7 was the song we chose to feature, but the rest of the album is delightful as well. I recommend listening to Track #1 if you don't have time for the whole collection. We're looking forward to what Ella releases next.

Ed Marola


Ed Marola is no stranger to the DNS homepage. His combination of pixel art and music make it challenging to know what category to place him into sometimes. Both aspects of Ed's work are incredible, and his "purpledream" series is a real adventure to go down.

We don't really know where the collection is heading, but it's going to be a compelling ride either way. Some other highlights from his collection include: Spheric Ingrainer, Purple Tan, and Torch.



Smokable is another NFT musician who makes incredible cover art to go along with their music. We've featured a few different items of his, but one of the more recent rotations featured "FADED". The description simply reads "still a stranger" and the ambient track that accompanies the artwork fits that mood perfectly.

Some other items from his catalog that we recommend are City Blue Music, and a collaboration piece between Smokable and Ed Marola (who is also featured in this roundup) titled "The Cave".


Time Zones

The SongADay collection is an ambitious project by Jonathan Mann who has created a new song every day since 2009. We featured the song Time Zones, but we definitely recommend looking at the rest of their musical creations. There's songs about Daylight Savings, unicorns who always celebrate Christmas, and songs about reflection. There's something here for everyone.

One more interesting note about the SongADay project is the formation of a DAO alongside of it that uses the song NFTs as the voting power.


Colorado Tea

pinedegen stays true to his namesake with the 3 tracks in his House Music collection. The art really compliments the music here and feels very cohesive. My Sweet Pine and Northern Rains are also gems that you should check out as well. The art alone is worth the click! Artists like pinedegen are great examples of how the visuals can be just as important as the audio when it comes to musical and audio NFTs.

Wrapping Up

Those were just a few of our favorite artists and tracks we featured recently. Who did we miss? Who are some of your favorite musicians you've discovered recently? Let us know in Discord and help us figure out who we should be paying attention to!

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago