The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: Theo Horsmeier

Take another deep dive with us as we explore Theo Horsmeiers shifting creations that manipulate glass and light.

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This post is from a series of deeper dives into the work of artists contributing to #TezQuakeAid. For more information on how you can support the relief efforts, click here.


Theo Horsmeier is a digital artist with a background in mathematics and music, dabbling in creative coding. He is inspired by examining perception itself: the mechanics of how physical things work and how we perceive them. He plays with light and form in his generative works, crediting Frederik Vanhouette as one of his biggest influences.

The Journey is the Destination

After completing his degree in music, Theo decided to focus on live music performance with what he describes as a "a noisy laptop instrument manipulated with a joystick and controllers." He soon started exploring adding visuals to the show, drawing from a childhood fascination with light refraction and glassy aesthetics. He used Blender and coded up looping animations. This would eventually lead him into his digital art practice.

He describes his creative process:

"When working with light and glass it is often hard to predict what things will look like before rendering it, so many pieces start as experiments. I take some (modulated) geometry as a starting-point, and then introduce the glassy materials and lights, and iterate. I've been learning new methods and tools so the process is also changing over time."


Theo prepared two different pieces for #TezQuakeAid, both of which still have some editions left to purchase on the primary. Both items are giving 95% of primary sales and secondary royalties to the cause.

The first piece, Puinhoop, has 20 of 33 copies available at 3.33 XTZ each. Theo describes it as a work in progress that serendipitously served the event.

"Puinhoop had been sitting in my WIP folder for a while, it started out as an upward spiralling mesh. In its current form it started to feel like an inverted landscape, and so when I revisited the WIP recently it felt like it would fit the event."

The second piece, Edelfractuur, has 81 of 100 editions still up for grabs at 1 XTZ each.

"Edelfraktuur uses boolean geometry on simple shapes rotating at different speeds, resulting in chunks of glass and light shifting in and out of existence. The title could be translated as something like 'fractured gem' "

We would like to thank Merchant Coppola for nominating Theo, and are grateful for Theo taking part in this and contributing to the #TezQuakeAid efforts. If you wish to submit yourself or nominate another artist, please use this form.

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