Our Favorite Featured Music, August Edition

We recap some of the best songs that were featured in August. 🎧

2 years ago

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As we head into August, we look back on some of our favorite featured music tracks that we featured in July.

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There Is A Time

πŸ”—: There is a Time

πŸ“: Created by @Violet7rip

🎢: From the Violet7rip Sounds collection

"There is a time" is a dreamy feeling track that has a steady building up of itself. Heavy instrumentals with dissonant vocals combine to form an absolutely lovely vibe. The album art feels like it perfectly matches the tone of the song too. It was an awesome addition to our collection.


πŸ”—: Superchill

πŸ“: Created by @AnalogueI_O & @TripDizzy

🎢: From the Trippyl_O collection

Mellow beats Β layered over the top of vocals that don't stop coming at you once they start. This track has a lot to digest despite it only being about 2 minutes in length. Once it starts it doesn't really stop until the end of the track. Superchill feels like it was recorded with a mission in mind, and we find it pretty compelling.


πŸ”—: Frost

πŸ“: Created by @bobbyartpixie

🎢: From the Bohemian by Apollo Architect          

This track is a banger. It feels ripped straight out of some epic video game boss battle. The strings in this song are so on point, this is one of the coolest songs I've comee across in this space. This is an absolute gem πŸ’Žof a song. This should be required listening.

Lo-fi LuLu - ST19

πŸ”—: Lo-Fi Lulu - ST19

πŸ“: Created by @Smokable_Sefr

🎢: From "The Strangers" collection

The words "sweet" and "sleepy" come to mind when listening to this track. The description reads "summer rain" and it's an apt descriptor. It's a very soothing, very calming type of vibe in this one. This song sounds like a warm blanket. Highly recommended.

Na - Albor Atte

πŸ”—: Na - Albor Atte

πŸ“: Created by 8_lamat

🎢: From the Piano Relaxing I collection

This is another soothing piano composition from Lamat. We've talked about them before, so it's no surprise to see them show up again. It's a great song to have playing while you're working on other things. Lamat seems to be a master at setting the vibes.

Moon Princess

πŸ”—: Moon Princess

πŸ“: Created by @JaxxMouserider

🎢: From the JAXX MOUSE RIDER collection

The final song on this list is a fun one from Jaxx Mouserider. It's another song that feels like it was made for a video game. It's whimsical and chill at the same time and evokes an almost childlike feeling from inside of me. I really appreciated this track, and am looking forward to checking out more from Jaxx Mouserider.

Those were some of our favorite tracks that made it to our frontpage in July. What were your favorites? Let us know on Twitter or Discord!

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