Recap of #OutOfThisWorld: TezTown's Latest Event

The founder of TezTown joined us to talk about their latest event, recap the winners, and what's next for the community. πŸš€

2 years ago

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What is #OutOfThisWorld?

This week marked the end of another successful Tezos NFT event organized by TezTown, #OutOfThisWorld. The theme was focused around outer-space, aliens, and the other classic sci-fi tropes. There were five different categories that artists could submit their work into for consideration: Galactic Battles, Spacebase, Retro Sci-Fi, My Favorite Alien, and Summer in Space.

If you're unclear on any of the rules, the TezTown website has got you covered. They even have information on the judges they used for the event. We also got you covered if you hadn't had a chance to see all the winning artwork. There were some very nice pieces created for this event. Check out the winners in the next section.

Galactic Battle Winners

1st place πŸ†Sandytoes2211

πŸ”—: Last Epic Spaceship Battle by wwworonin // Zander the defender by simii.tez

Summer in Space - 1st place πŸ† bonsaifox

Consolation Winners: Lets swim & Wish You Were Here!

Space Base - 1st place πŸ† boochyl

Retro SciFi - 1st place πŸ†_Koi_art

Consolation Winners: Lets Fly & A New Day

My Favorite Alien - 1st Place πŸ‘½ islava

Consolation Winners: Zarifa & Royal Succession

We've got the entire interview transcribed and available to download, but here's a small question and answer that made me laugh.

How did the TezTown team decide on the #OutOfThisWorld theme? πŸ‘½

The leadership team had asked a lot of people around us for their ideas. And we had several ideas submitted. Then we were in a meeting, but we didn't take any of the ideas. Terrible, right? But no, all of those ideas came together to lead us to this one.

We would like to thank Lily and the rest of the TezTown squad for letting us host them on Twitter Spaces and showcase works from the event. We look forward to collaborating with them again.

So stay tuned for our next event. ⌚ Hop into our Discord if you have any ideas for future events or suggestions to make. We want DNS to be the platform of choice for organizers. Let us know how we can make it happen! 🀝

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago