Our Favorite Featured Music from the Last Month

We're sharing a few of our favorite music tracks that we got to showcase on our homepage from the last month. 🎧🎢

2 years ago

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We update the front page of every day with new music. At our current rotation, that means we shuffle through nearly 50 different songs in a given week. It can be challenging to keep up with everything, so we've decided to share some of our favorite tunes to make appearances on the homepage.

Grab some headphones. 🎧 Enjoy some quality music with us. πŸ‘‡

No Way Out


πŸ“: Created by @almondsnjoy & GOODFILM

🎢: From the Out of Bounds collection

This track features some eerie vocalizations on top of a very nice beat. The intro felt jarring at first but by the end of the song I was loving it. @almondsnjoy is not only a talented creator he's a fun person to be around in Twitter Spaces. Great track from a great person.

Uzumaki Air


πŸ“: Created by @myalienthought

🎢: From the Feel The Tone collection

It's difficult to describe this song as it feels very unique. But don't mistake unique for anything negative, this is a very cohesive sounding track. It's got some awesome guitar sections, vocalizations, and other eclectic types of sound. I'm also a big fan of the way @myalienthought has done the all of the cover art for his Feel The Tone collection. It's a simple callback to collecting vinyl records, which is one of my favorite IRL things to collect. I'm looking forward to consuming more of this artist's work in the future.

Stolen Adidas


πŸ“: Created by @TheMindOfSlyme & RaShaun, cover art by Jacqueline Nicole

🎢: From the Hotel Chill collection

This could very well be my favorite piece of music I've discovered in the NFT space. Slyme's attention to detail is apparent and on full display here. It's got some lovely piano melody to start the song, and it quickly becomes a fun, raucous song about passing around J's with friends and (you guessed it) stolen Adidas. This is an excellent introduction to what music NFTs can offer and I highly recommend it.

Fly (To The New Moon)


πŸ“: Created by @Alessione_vola

🎢: From the I hope you like my music collection

Part lo-fi, post deep-house, but all soothing, smooth, silky sounding. This is a very easy track to enjoy. It doesn't ask very much of the listener which is good when you're trying to prepare blog posts in a timely fashion. The visuals accompanying this track too are also very lovely, as well as the rest of the collection. I think @Alessione_vola is extremely talented and I hope they continue to add to their small collection of songs.

Under Et Træ - Albør Åtte


πŸ“: Created by 8_lamat

🎢: From the Piano Relaxing I collection

This is another very soothing, very relaxing piano track. It's one of those songs that really sets the ambiance when you turn it on. 8_lamat sounds like a seasoned veteran of piano composition, and I feel like I could put this song on repeat all day long and be more productive because of it. Under Et Træ is a nice little treat for your ears and I encourage everyone to check it out if they need some low-key nice piano vibes.

One thing to note: this track appears to have been burned from 8_lamat's collection on but we loved it so much we just had to share. This track is the only item that is listed for sale currently.

How about yourself? Did you find anything on the DNS homepage recently that you fell in love with? Give us a shout on Twitter/Discord and let us know, we'd love to know what everyone is enjoying!

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago