Why Team Works in Public

Why does the DNS team work in public all the time? We'll tell you why in this article that goes over some of our guiding principles.

2 years ago

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Something unique to us at is that we take virtually all of our team meetings publicly in our Discord. The vast majority of Web3 teams do everything behind closed doors, but we're built different. Here's why. ‡️

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 🀝

We love when people jump into our daily public meetings πŸ’–

First, being surrounded by others makes you more productive. We can sponge up the knowledge of every teammate who has something to contribute, making us more effective. Screen sharing with each other is often the best way to communicate, especially when you have an international team. It allows us to work faster and iterate more often. (Which we do a lot of.)

Fostering Creativity & Innovations πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ

Moira Rose said it best πŸ’―

Working in public with each other also stimulates the creative process. If we're trying to solve a problem, presenting your work in public brings you the collective knowledge of the group. We don't work in a vaccuum! Β Each member of our team brings different backgrounds and skillsets to the table. Since we all have our own niches of expertise, solutions are sometimes proposed from unlikely sources.

Experience has also shown us that when working publicly, people tend to be more sensitive to others' feelings, so they will be less likely to make fun of you for making a mistake. This means you can make mistakes with less fear.

Good Vibes Only πŸ™Œ

Finally, in a public environment the team holds the responsibility of creating an environment where people feel safe and welcomed. It is everyone's responsibility to foster a good community since we're all on the same team. Here at we want you to feel like you're a part of the group, not just some anonymous user that we want to check our platform out.

No, seriously, we actually feel that way. We love it when people join our meetings to hang out or ask a couple questions. Building great products, useful tools, and top shelf user experiences is difficult without a lot of feedback. It's crucial to the iterative process and avoiding echo chambers.

We don't have time for nonsense, we're busy building a better Web3.

We Work Out πŸ’ͺ

And the best part of working in public? Once you become more comfortable and confident, you can actually get work done! Working in public happens fast and it's hard to argue with our results. If we act like hermits in our own private space and only talk amongt ourselves, we run the risk of completely estranging ourselves from the community – and that's not why we're choosting to build in Web3.

Everyone here at works in public, and it’s how we've become such a tight-knit group. πŸ«‚

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago