How to Get Your Work Featured on DNS

Are you interested having your work featured on DNS? Here are the best ways to submit your work.

2 years ago

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We feature a lot of different art and music on the homepage of DNS. There is such a large amount of work being released every day that you have to rely on curation and community to find the best stuff — especially if you're not interested in top sales charts and the most popular collections everyone knows about.

There are several ways in which we go out and discover new content, but we also love it when people submit work to us. There are a few different ways to reach out and submit your content to be featured on DNS, and we'll go over each one today.

Fill out our submissions page

We have a new page for submitting links to your NFTs set up now. You can access it by navigating to and filling out the short form. We just need a link to the NFT (any Ethereum, Tezos, or Polygon marketplace will work, --prefer DNS links --) and the Twitter handle of the creator. We'll be notified right away whenever there's something sent, and it's going to be the best way to ensure we see it.

Contact us on our Discord server

Our Discord server is the next best way to let us know. We have a channel to share and submit your artwork and we go through it often when looking for frontpage content. Feel free to ping us when you do drop some new stuff, though! Keep in mind, it is a little easier to get lost in the shuffle on Discord as compared to the submission form.

Contact us on Twitter

The other recommended way of letting us know about content to feature is by tagging our Twitter account. It's the busiest social channel at the moment for us, so don't hesitate to ping us for anything. You can also DM me directly, @klickdotdev. Our Discord server and submissions page though is going to be the most foolproof way of ensuring we see your work, though.

Create some playlists

Another way you can let us know you want some work featured is to put it into a playlist.

My playlist, "🚬DRAGGING"

Don't know how to get started? We've got you covered with a guide on how to do just that. We also feature playlists, not just individual NFTs, so if you submit a list we can feature the entire thing.

Wrapping it up

We hope this clarifies things and makes it easier for you to submit your work to us. We've got a few different channels available that anybody should be able to  easily use. We think finding the best content is going to rely on a mixture of curation and community both, and so we look forward to seeing your submissions. 🤝

Questions? Comments? Jump in the Discord and let's chat.

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago