Essential Hip Hop Releases: April 2023

We've got 6 essential songs for fans of hip hop on Tezos. Get your headphones and listen along to some of our favorites.

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There's a vibrant music scene within the Tezos community. It's home to a variety of genres and it's got a deep talent pool when it comes to hip hop. In this post we're presenting some of the most essential tracks representing Tezos hip hop.

Perfect Cell by Cannon Jones

Perfect Cell by Cannon Jones

Cannon Jones declares Perfect Cell  as, "One of the most ferocious hip hop diss tracks to ever come out of Newark," and he delivered. Cannon's lyrics hit hard, delivered with crystal clear precision. You can hear the mastery he wields over his voice. It's raw with a sense of polish, much in the way the Tezos blockchain itself often feels.

Perfect Cell- Cannon Jones973
One of the most ferocious hip hop diss tracks to ever come out of Newark New Jersey..from Cannon Jones973 the artist/battle rapper dissing a artist named Pharoah Cindian..which comes with alot of history of how long they knew each other..5th grade..but..this is pure of the purest f…

Tezos - Decentralization by Jovan Smith & KustomBeats

Tezos - Decentralization by Jovi & KustomBeats

This track is special because it is an early example of music about blockchain and features Jovan Smith, one of the most respected bakers, or validators, on the Tezos blockchain. He was notable for the sheer amount of bakers he helped get started, including his educational video guides like his Proof of Jack series. Jovan passed away in August of 2022 and his music and legacy live on with Tezos.

Tezos - Decentralization
Tezos Decentralization written & Produced by: Jovi & Kustommike created = 18 May 2018

House Made of Glass by Jburn & TAN-TAN

House Made of Glass by Jburn & TAN-TAN

House Made of Glass is a brilliant pairing of music with equally enticing visuals. Jburn's collaboration partners treat the artwork with the same care as the audio, making this piece with TAN-TAN an extremely strong piece no matter which way you cut it. Jburn's consistent quality and output makes him arguably one of the most well rounded musicians in Web3, not being afraid to explore more of the R&B side of hip hop in a lot of his work. His range and production values are among the elites in Web3.

House Made of Glass
“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” - Carl Jung Produced by Grant ForeWritten, performed, and mixed by JburnCover art by TANTAN

Black Powder by Kane Mayfield

"Black Powder" by Kane Mayfield

"Black Powder" from Kane Mayfield is a tribute to one of his heroes, legendary Black Panther H. Rap Brown, whose voice is sampled throughout the song. Kane's delivery and lyrics are in a league of their own, punching their way into existence every rhyme. He has a reputation amongst his peers as one of the most brilliant lyricists you can find, using complex rhyming schemes that often reveal deeper meaning the second and third times through. He's your favorite underground rapper's favorite underground rapper.

Black Powder
This song was originally meant to serve as the outro for an EP. It moved me and anyone I played it for... I became consumed by it and it became the premise of my first debut album The Return Of Rap. The return.. is of legendary Black Panther H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) who is imprisoned i…

Stolen Adidas by Slyme  

Stolen Adidas by Slyme

Slyme's craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident and showcased brilliantly in Stolen Adidas. It begins with a delightful piano intro, after which it switches up into an entertaining song celebrating shared joints and pilfered Adidas with friends. This is a great, approachable introduction to hip hop on Tezos.

Stolen Adidas
‘Hotel Chill’ is an EP created by the hip-hop duo A Couple Brothers, RaShaun & Slyme. The Cover Art photo was captured by Jacqueline Nicole ( @xoxojackieee ). “Stolen Adidas” Produced by: RaShaun & SlymeMixed by: SlymeMastered by: SlymePerformed by: Slyme Purchasing a copy of “Stolen Adidas”…

Actions by Slyme, Jburn, Rocknitty, SDN Gabi, & MazamizArt

Actions by Slyme, Jburn, Rocknitty, SDN Gabi, & MazamizArt

Actions makes the cut here for a few reasons - it's got a very strong group of musicians with Slyme, Jburn, Rocknitty, and sdn_gabi writing and performing in the track and mazamizart doing the animated cover. With some of the best voices you can find across the Tezos ecosystem, the Tezos Hip Hop group showcases how easy and how often Tezos community members will band together for the good of the squad. Tezos fosters genuine community. While the Tezos Hip Hop group was a relatively short lived experiment, we look forward to seeing them again and for others to crop up.

‘Blah, blah, blah.. talk is cheap.’ Produced by LethalNeedleWritten & Performed by Jburn, Rock Nitty, Slyme & SDN GabiCover Art by Mazamizart

Session Wrapped

Hip hop started as a DIY underground phenomenon in the 1980's out of Brooklyn. DJs and emcees had to grind it out, running on pure conviction to hone their craft and hustle to make a name in the local scene. In the 1990s, "reality rap" birthed the golden age gangsta rap many of us grew up on, further drawing on that need for authenticity. Soundcloud rappers and independents today show creators don't need major labels to find and connect with fans and community. The Tezos hip hop scene brings all of this together with that original DIY spirit and a community building ethos of direct relationships with fans and other artists. Hip hop has always required commitment, focus, and sheer will, and Tezos artists suceed because the community recognizes determination and talent.  

What songs would you include on your Tezos music essentials? Let us know what you think on Twitter or Discord! If you think there's artists and musicians we should feature, tell us about them.

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