Musician Deep Dive: SHADDOW

We take a deeper dive looking at SHADDOW, a jazz musician and artist based out of Arlington, Texas.

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From an early age, Shaddow was captivated by music. He was immersed by Ronnie Laws, Al Jarreau, and Stevie Wonder from his parents' collection of recordings in their Arlington, Texas home. Music provided comfort and solace during a challenging childhood and in return, Shaddow comforted others with music. As a veteran of the US Army, he served in the US Army Band and has collaborated with groups across genres and around the world.

Cover artwork for the work in progress "Don't It Feel Good"

Today, he continues to be inspired by these early experiences and remains dedicated to creating music that touches the lives of others. He blends elements of music, fashion, and import car culture to create a fresh soundscape, using music as a means to inspire and empower others.

The Sound of Shaddow

"Shibuya Bouncin"

Shaddow aims to inspire listeners to recognize their own potential. He focuses on evoking positive emotions, encouraging the process of self-discovery and growth. Through his unique blend of jazz and culture, Shaddow is steadily carving out a space for himself in the Web3 musical scene:

"I’m a Jazz artist. I want to change the listener’s perception and experience of what Jazz is all about. My goal is to positively impact music culture and the lives of others. Ultimately, I want to leave a global legacy, a historic footprint in music for generations to come and one that people can be proud of forever.

I want to create a movement that people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities can draw a positive energy from."

I Saw 10,000 People, Maybe More

Through his travels and mission to spread the joy of music, Shaddow has collaborated with a variety of groups: from the Korean funk bad Windy City, DJ Dorothy of Arirang Radio, Japanese R&B group Ready Soul, the Dallas-Fort Worth rock band One Nite Stand, and the hip hop group Kuul-La & Groove Village. Shaddow has also made appearances on We Talk Radio.

He also two officially released singles - "Worldwide Party" and "Don't Stop Just Let it Ride," along with the unofficially released Prelude EP (2013). He is currently working on his next major project, titled "Night Falls Suite". His latest work has been with the TezTones project, a community oriented collaboration of 6 different teams working together to create music in a friendly competition with guest judges.

"Feeling Blue"

His inaugural TezTones collab is titled "Feeling Blue" and features Bases and Vi the Law. There are still a few editions left on the primary market at 25 XTZ.

Visions Softly Creeping

Shaddow is an exceptional artist who has carved a unique space for himself in Web3 music, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres and experiences. His journey that began during childhood and took him across the world has helped to form his eclectic blend of styles and helped solidfy his artistic identity. We look forward to seeing Shaddow's positive impact on listeners during the years to come.

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