This Week's Freshly Squeezed Releases 🍋💦

Come on in and check out April's first round of featured music for featuring lofi hip hop, advice from a robot, and homages to historic revolutionaries.

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This week's Freshly Squeezed Releases are ripe for the picking. Grab your headphones and settle in as we go through this week's featured songs.

GOOD Life by hello_carmello

GOOD Life by hello_carmello

GOOD Life by hello_carmello (Twitter) outlines all kinds of great rules to live by in 6 minutes, delivered by a robot voice. It certainly delivers "valuable guidelines to living providing a way to save us from the physical deterioration and mental frustration that can result from our modern way of life":

Lazy Leonardo #001 - LEO Trotsky by @IFCKINGLOVEKIWI

3jkew's "Lazy Leo #001 - LEO TROTSKY"

3jkew's "Lazy Leo #001 - LEO TROTSKY" is a lo-fi beat paying homage to Leon Trotsky, a Russian revolutionary and politician who developed the Trotskyite school of Marxism. This track is perfect for fans of lo-fi music looking to explore the intersection of history and contemporary soundscapes.

Dreamer by TripDizzy

"Dreamer" by TripDizzy

"Dreamer" by TripDizzy (Twitter) features dark, chill instrumentals with dreamlike vocalizations, giving it a distinct Kid Cudi type of vibe. As the song progresses it takes an unexpected turn answering the question "If my dreams are unrealistic, then why am I living them?":

"A beautiful dream? Nah, I'm more like a vet."

Suzanna in the Clouds by eduardopolitzer

"Suzanna in the wind" by eduardopolitzer

"Suzanna in the Clouds" by eduardopolitzer artfully blends intricate pixel art with captivating retro-inspired melodies. This combination creates a sensory experience that takes listeners on a short journey into his iconic dreamscapes, making this another instantly recognized work from Ed.

Andante con ansia by Napoleon

Andante con ansia by napoleon_tez

Backed by music from the Beats by Jburn collection, Napoleon wields his trombone as if it had a voice of it's own, paying his respects to modern pop music in "Andante con ansia." In his own words, Napoleon describes this song as:

"A slow tempo, rhymically intense movement that attempts to evoke the feeling of longing."

Wrapping Up

We're excited to share music every week. Stay tuned for a musician deep dive later. Until then, let us know what you think of today's music selections either on Twitter or Discord. 📢

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