The DNS Changelog: August 1st-7th, 2022

Welcome to the not-inaugural blog post on our fancy new site:! Continue reading to acquire free alpha, hear about performance improvements, and improved features.

2 years ago

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Welcome to the weekly changelog from the DNS team. We've got it all this week: improvements, upgrades, and bugfixes. We've also migrated our blog to this new URL! But first, let's talk about how we made even more awesome last week.

A Search Walked into a Bar

Our search results started becoming a lot more usable with .tez and .eth domains populating the results, but now they're exponentially better. We're now also looking at:

Another feature we added to search is the ability to use the links or URLs from OpenSea, OBJKT, Teia, and many more in the search bar to bring you directly to the NFT page on DNS. Not to mention we got brand new UI to go along with it. 😎

We make it easy to find the stuff you want.

Performance 🏋️‍♂️

Our team has been laser focused on the performance of and we've been pushing DNS to multiple CDNs in more countries. Server side rendering has been added. It has substantially reduced the overall pageload sizes. Caching has improved again, alongside our image sizing. We've made some dramatic improvements this week.

Get (Properly) .GIF'd (Again)

Who knew that properly handing NFT .gif files could require so much fine tuning? Last week we made another tweak and stopped animating images in the background with the music player open or while watching video NFTs. We not only made the site faster, it's better looking too. 💪

Bugfixes 🐛🔨

That brings this weekly edition of the changelog to a close. If you get tired of waiting around all week for these, I encourage you to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter, or sign up here to get our posts delivered directly to your email.

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago