Playing Video NFTs on DNS

We've upgraded the video NFT experience on - continue reading to hear about the new features we've added like Picture-in-Picture support.

2 years ago

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Music, meet Video

One of the most requested features has been a good video player. On most NFT marketplaces, you'll go to an NFT page, wait for the video to load, and then you need to stay on that page for it to play. This is a huge problem for music NFT creators: most music NFTs have a video component to them. Whether it is a simple .jpeg cover image, .gif animation, short video loop, or even a full video animation, music NFTs are forcing us to redefine the way we think of "covers". They give a flavor, a vibe to the whole track.

So we had to make a better video player!

Something around the corner

When you open a video in DNS, it will open a small video player in the corner (just like on YouTube). The technical term is "PiP", for Picture in Picture. It'll stay on your screen even when you navigate the site. Want to keep looking at profiles, browse for new beats? No problem. You can even click it to open the music player (just as you would on YouTube).

We're always looking for new ways to improve your listening experience. Let us know how you like this addition on Discord. 戊

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago