A Spotlight on July's Featured Artists

We revisit some of our favorite artists that were featured on the homepage for July.

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We wanted to revisit some of our favorite artists that we got to feature on the homepage last month. Read on to see some of our favorite art from July.

Atelier Ruūta

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Ro by @AtelierRuuta was featured but the rest of the collection boasts some amazing minimalist architecture. Simple shapes combining to form something greater than the sum of it's parts. It's quite beautiful, and feels like it's saying a lot with very little. It's very approachable feeling, yet still completely unique. Each piece also feels like it's on a real sheet of paper, which is very cool.


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Illuminated by @TrofimovaKato made it to our frontpage, but Kato has many other pieces that play with your eyes and create fun optical illusions. They've created some stunning effects. It's compelling with a retro vibe. Everybody should have their perception played with once in a while.


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We featured "Aqua pura" from this collection of the same name, but the other 3 pieces are oustanding work and really beautiful photography. This collection from @moremiracles1 is really great. It's amazing how something as simple and everyday as water can make for some incredible photos. The level of detail and feeling of precision with these photos is unreal. This is a really good use of black and white photography.


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The Dancer made it's way through the front page rotation, but the rest of @LeslieASpurlock's work Ethereal Beauty collection demands your attention as well. A lot of this work feels part experimental, part haunted, and all beautiful. Ethereal Beauty really is the best descriptor for it. Each photo feels like it's own movie script, like there's a larger story that needs to be figured out.

These were some of our favorite artworks and artists that we got to showcase last month. There is just too much great content to sift through, it's impossible to show everything. What were some of your favorite pieces of content or creators? Tag us on Twitter and let us know.

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