November's Music Selections

We examine some of November's featured musicians a little more in depth in our monthly music recap.

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Did you know we featured nearly 150 different music NFT creators in the month of November? ┬áToday we're going to take a deeper look at some of November's best musical releases on the blockchain as well as the artists behind them. Get your headphones on and get comfy, we've got some listening to do ­čśÄ.


SIGRID is one of the newest artists we've covered this month. We featured Painlover, an acoustic track featuring beautiful vocals alongside original piano compositions. She's got a fantastic singing voice and it's on full display with her work. Another highlight of her collection was the track Move On, which explores the same emotions.


The work produced by @IFCKINGLOVEKIWI is a unique combo of sports cards and music. Each music track is inspired by the player on the front, usually someone iconic, like Mike Tyson ("This bootleg trading card comes with a lofi beat inspired by Tyson, chill but punchy.") or Allen Iverson.

They've been building this collection up for several months now, and it invokes feelings of nostalgia. His beats feature lo-fi hip hop themes and copious amounts of sampling. When you combine that with the collectability aspect of the trading cards, you end up with a package reminiscient of the 80s, sans flamingos and neon lights.


@Tao_Zao released his band's debut album titled Raga this fall onto the Tezos blockchain.  Originally recorded in 2013, it features punk, indie rock, digital sounds, and raw lyrics. It combines influences from Indian music and philosophy as well as lyrics inspired by Western philosophers. Beyond just the track, we encourage reading the descriptions that provide a thorough insight on why these tracks were created.


Abel's most recent drop, titled "Lo-Fi Moments, Hi-Fi Feelings" (playlist link) was expertly done. Each cover photo used was an experiment with infrared photography. It doesn't ask very much of the listener to be able to enjoy the work either, with most tracks from the collection being about 2 minutes in length. They're upbeat, bouncy tracks, while being able to bring it back to an even keel. It's great easy listening in the background.


@Lenticloud creates within a wide range of electronic music genres. Many of their pieces contain a techno, hyperpop, or chiptune quality to them, while all coming together to give off a cheery and uplifting mood. The amount of work that Lenticloud has put out nearly 50 tracks. The rest of their catalog features similar aesthetics and sounds, making them one of the more eclectic crypto creators worth following.


@yaxx_castillo has released original and cover songs in both English and Spanish. The production quality is very high, making it a great example of pop music on the blockchain. The vocals are powerful, emotional, and cathartic. In many ways this makes her a pioneer even in the music NFT space, singlehandedly carrying a genre that is rarely explored.

Keep the beat going

There was a lot that happened in the last 30 days, but NFT creators didn't stop being creative, and we think that's a good sign for sovereign creators everywhere. We're going to continue featuring them everyday and highlighting the best content in Web3.

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