A Retrospective on November's Featured Art

With November in the rear-view mirror, we highlight some of our favorite featured artists and delve into their work a little deeper.

2 years ago

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Another month has flown by on the front page of DNS. We featured over 180 unique artists and musicians in November. Today we're exploring some of those artists and showcasing a few more selections from them.


Artificialis is an artist who produces a mixture of AI and Photoshop pieces that looks very artistic, combining both esoteric and traditional art styles, almost looking like actual photography. The Aquarius collection resembles silk in the water. It's a stunning effect. Compare that to the Patronos Artium collection which features a raw and more decayed atmosphere, with themes of metamorphosis and evolution on display. The technical prowess on display is among the best we've seen.


@OWinaga's work is haunting, it's beautiful. They've got an amazing range. Their body of work leads us to believe there's a story being told, something just below the surface waiting to be discovered. Darkness, monochrome palettes, and the abstract qualities, come together to thrust us into a fever dream.

On the other side of the spectrum, she has another body of work that has a far more somber feel to it, as seen with Limonium. Blue, rather than black, is the common color and gives a contemplative, less emotional motif.


Kika is a prolific creator who utilizes AI to explore and augment their aesthetic and explore different ideas. We found the synthwave-esque themes from their Composition in Pink collection to be extremely well done. We featured one piece from it, but the whole collection is a delight. It consists of vibrant, creative, and sometimes silly artworks that could equally fit on album cover or in a modern art museum.


@robertbolick is a surreal artist with a flair for the amazing. Their body of work is captivating and beyond beautiful. The textures used in a lot of their work give it a real sense of depth and you get the feeling that we're looking at a master of their craft. It's a refreshing mix of abstract, minimalism, and hyper-detailed.


@luyotw is a photographer and generative artist from Taiwan. Their generative work stands out from the thousands of AI creators who tread on similar aesthetics. For example, their Rose 1851 series feels ethereal, both familiar and synthetic at the same time. It captures the emotion of an old photograph, generated by an algorithm. This follows their earlier work, White Nights Vol. 1, which explored generating life-like nature photography through the use of black and white, inverted colors, and blur.


There's prolific creators in the space, and then there's @tuukzs, with over 2500 NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. They have many different styles of work that it's hard to describe them in a succinct manner. They've done abstract, glitch, a wide range of AI work, generative projects, and even some audio collaborations.


@marcozagara captures the imagination with scenes that fill you with a sense of wonder and exploration. His most recent drop, NEW ORDER was released with XCOLLABZ as part of the Cyberpunk collection and carries on some of the same themes seen in his previous works: a feeling of being small, of standing on the shoulders of literal giants, while at the same time giving us a sense of adventure.



@Kopfgestaltung's creations ooze style, design, and intentionality. Most of their work consists of CGI animations, featuring high production values and very elaborate rendering, giving the art a feeling that it would belong in a luxury brand's advertising. They've received regular accolades from other high profile artists like Laurence Fuller, Victoria West, and Zarker (who is behind DNS' design!).

Spreading Holiday Cheer

In spite of the market downturn, November was a prolific month for artists with several hundreds of notable and thought provoking pieces. This bodes well for the future of sovereign creators. We will keep featuring them daily on our Twitter.

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago