Hyperminter: Batch Minting on Tezos

Our new batch minter will deliver the smoothest and most feature rich experience that's been seen on the Tezos blockchain yet.

a year ago

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We’ve been talking with hundreds of artists in the past few weeks to understand the pains of making multiple NFTs. If you want to mint a series of artworks or music, things can get tedious really quickly: uploading images one by one, filling the same details and descriptions, adding the same tags and waiting for the minting to complete before you can more on to the next one. No more!

We researched the best solo and batch minters to figure out how to create tens of NFTs in one simple step. To that end, we've collaborated with @sfdotstudio and together we've created the most feature-complete batch minter on Tezos with a smooth user experience to match.

We call it Hyperminter.

It works like this:

Start by selecting the collection you want to mint to (from OBJKT, with more coming soon).

Upload multiple files at once. Simply drag and drop and you will see each file turned into an NFT item.

Add details you want for every NFT. If they all need the same tags, royalties or description, you can easily assign it to all.

If you need to make any specific edits to each item, simply click that item and change its data. You can also preview what your NFT will look like!.

You can also change the order your items are listed in.

Hyperminter is ready for beta testing, and almost ready for prime time. If you want to be notified right away give @DNS a follow and join our Discord! We thrive off of user feedback.

Thanks again to @sfdotstudio for collaborating with us on this.

The DNS Team

Published a year ago