Introducing the New DNS Profiles

dns Apr 09, 2022 launched last year with the aim of being a page for your decentralized content. We've rebuilt the platform into a much more streamlined and multichain experience. You'll be able to list your NFTs, buy, and sell all from DNS. We're excited to share some of those updates with you.

We've been hard at work preparing for the #DNS420 launch coming up on 4/20 and thought it would be a good time to show some of the new features from our improved profile pages. This is by no means an exhaustive list and some things are still being actively developed, but it should give a good overview of what to expect.

The first thing to mention is that all the profiles have been auto-generated using AI. So even if you've never used DNS or customized your  page, you should still have something that looks good. Various pieces may be broken right now, so feel free to point them out to us in our Discord.

This is my page, currently accessible here. You can see we now have profiles separated into different sections: profile, owned, created, for sale, achievements (more on those later), collections, and activity. If you used the first iteration of the DNS platform, you'll probably remember our old page builder. It's been greatly improved now and allows for some flexible modifications.

Here's a video that shows adding a new link to your page. It's a smooth experience, just don't forget to hit save!

You wanted to use a custom image rather than a gradient? Say no more.

The other aspect to link customization that's been improved is how flexible the link customizations are. Take a look:

It's pretty simple to add wallets to your page as well.

There's a couple other things to note as we progress towards the official launch.

  1. The list of links underneath "klick.tez" where it says show more, or show less, those links are currently autogenerated from public information and cannot be edited currently.
  2. WE WANT MORE BETA TESTERS. If you're interested, just head into our Discord server and say hello in the general channel. There may or may not be achievements involved. 👀👀
  3. Custom profile pages are only slice of what we're going to be offering. When we go live on 4/20 with everything we'll have a fully fleshed out marketplace that will work similarly to LooksRare or Except we'll have Web3 achievements built in that you'll be able to redeem at our shop for some  exclusive customization options and NFTs. Details incoming in a future article!

Give us a shout on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions, want to beta test, or offer up critique. We thrive on user feedback and want to build the best platform we possibly can. And remember, we WANT MORE BETA TESTERS. We also have daily standups in the Discord starting at 9AM PST that are open to the public if you want to listen in, observe, or ask questions.

Dennis Klicker

My home is on the Tezos blockchain. Passionate about fostering healthy communities, creating content, photography, and nice writing utensils.