Community Spotlight: Dennis Klicker aka "klick"

An interview with Dennis Klicker, better known as "klick", in the DNS Community Spotlight series.

2 years ago

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Meet Dennis Klicker (aka “klick”), our first DNS profile spotlight. Dennis does a lot of photography, AI artwork, and most recently has been delving into the world of glitchart. Klick likes to have a lot of fun with his creations and tries not to take it too seriously most of the time.

We picked klick as this week’s DNS profile spotlight because of his eye catching profile.

What was your inspiration for your profile?
I thought it would be funny to use a picture of myself and just superimpose it across my whole profile page for some reason. I always liked that picture of myself anyway but thought it would be weird to mint, so this was a good compromise.

We asked klick about getting into NFTs, thoughts on web3, and what his super power would be.

Get to know klick by reading on.

Unopened Doors 02 // 2 of 6 by @klickdotdev

What’s your background? What were you doing before NFTs?
I’d been working in website development personally and professionally for quite a while. I’ve always had some sort of project or website I was working on, or wanting to create content for.

My favorite achievement was probably the Magic: The Gathering blog I created and ran for a couple years. I actually had several notable pro player / world championship contenders submit content at one point or another.

How would you describe your style?

If I had to condense it to a tagline it might be “making the ordinary extra”. I enjoy street photography and just traipsing through towns and shooting whatever looks interesting. Most of the time it’s mundane, but sometimes it’s not, and I find that part immensely satisfying. I have a hard time describing the style of my glitch/AI/GAN works but I try to keep it distinct, unique, and fun. If I’m not having fun creating then I don’t want to be doing it.

Great Grapefruit

What is your favorite piece of art that you’ve done and why?
The most important thing I’ve created in this space would definitely be the Hospital Collectabill. I think it really put me on the map within the Tezos NFT community.

The tl;dr summary is that I’m a type one diabetic, lost my job & health insurance, and then was sent to the ICU for ketoacidosis before my new insurance started. It resulted in a $30,000 hospital bill, and so I turned the 9 page bill into an NFT on Hic et Nunc and tried to sell 10,000 copies.

Hospital Collectabill #1

I only sold about 200 of them, but the connections I forged within the community have turned out to be where the real value was accumulated.

What do you do for fun?
I collect vinyl records, nice pens, and Converse sneakers. I also enjoy listening to a lot of different podcasts and spend a lot of time with my partner Sarah, who’s been the source for a lot of my inspiration.

Currently making my way through the television show “Yellowjackets” (it’s on Showtime) which has been blowing my mind.

What is your favorite creators in web3?
Lists are hard since someone will get left off of it, but there are several people who I want to recognize:

Laurence Fuller,
Anna Natter,
Victoria West,
Daniel Oropeza,
FKB Productions

What superpower would you have and why?
Fixing broken pancreases because it gets old being a diabetic. I never get a day off from it. It would be nice to not have to worry about it sometimes.

What inspires you?
Reducing inequality and taking care of those among us who need it most. This is all at the tips of our fingers with blockchain technology, nobody just wants to do it.

It’s ludicrous that apes can sell for 75+ ETH while people die on the streets.

Who do you look up to in web3?
Off the top of my head, I would say that I think both of the Alex’s that are behind are absolutely brilliant and I enjoy their sort of “fearless commentary”. @BakingBenjamins is also someone whose opinions I hold in extremely high regard and am proud to call him a friend of mine.

What is one thing you think people don’t get in web3?
Ethereum isn’t accessible, reasonable, or practical to use for like 95% of the world. It’s gatekeeping, it’s creating a new classist system that already exists in the real world. Why these people are so intent on recreating it in the metaverse is beyond me. It’s very disappointing.

Thanks for being a DNS community member, Klick! We loved learning about you.

Now go check out klick's DNS profile and artwork!

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