Spotlight on August's Featured Artist

We highlighted some of our favorite artists that got featured in August.

2 years ago

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We featured a lot of really great artwork in August, and we wanted to recap some of our personal favorites from the last month. Once again, let's dive into it. (Here's a link to our previous roundup for July)


I am a huge fan of Callvin's work. His colors and overall style are really, really good. The texture of his NFTs really remind me of physical paper creations. It's subtle, but a really nice touch.

Callvin's profile


Jeremy Lipking has a small body of NFT work, but he's a true world class painter that has inspired some of the most popular and well known artists in the NFT space. His work is simply awe inspiring. We can't wait until he releases more work on the blockchain.

Lipking's profile


KX is a prolific mastermind when it comes to creating compelling art. It's hard to put a good descriptor on them. But they make beautiful work, and have been doing it for a while. They've collaborated and created alongside some of the other top artists of the space as well, and it's hard to take your eyes off their work.

enes dirig

enes dirig is a very talented painter artist with a very unique style. His portraits are beautiful and I find the use of his muted color palettes extraordinary. His work says a lot with very little. They're also very prolific and have put out quite a large body of work. You should definitely check out his catalog of works and give them some consideration if you're looking for new items for the collection.

Thanks for checking out some of our favorites for August. What about yourself? Who would you include on your list?  Let us know on Twitter or hit us up in the Discord!

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Published 2 years ago