Web3 is a Decentralized Rogue-like

The world of web3, with its constant grind, surprise rewards, and unlocking of communities, closely mirrors the exhilarating gameplay of a roguelike.

10 months ago

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The realms of gaming and cryptocurrency might seem worlds apart, but in reality, they share many striking similarities. Notably, the web3 universe closely mirrors the mechanics of a roguelike. It's a journey filled with quests, random rewards, character build-ups, community unlocks, and a steep learning curve. Let's delve into how these worlds intertwine!

Wen moon?

A Daily Grind

Much like a Binding of Isaac, Spelunky or FTL, web3 presents users with a never-ending challenge. Every day, you're immersed in a quest-like adventure, trading, hunting for new rewards, and embarking on thrilling quests. The constant hustle and bustle keep you on your toes, much like the frenetic pace of your favorite game 🎮.

Web 3 is a Skinner Box

Web3 mimics the mechanics of a skinner box, where you don't know if your run will yield positive or negative results. Will your transaction go through? Will the item you've been eyeing be in high demand? It's an unpredictable game of chance, much like your favorite roguelike.

Character Stats

In web3, your transaction history mirrors your gaming stats, providing a history of your journey. Your NFT inventory is your item inventory, showcasing your achievements and epic finds. Every transaction, every NFT you collect, contributes to your character's growth and uniqueness.

Hard to Master

Web3 and roguelikes share a challenging learning curve. From using wallets, navigating web3 platforms, to researching the latest trends, there's a lot to master. But like any good game, the learning process is part of the fun and satisfaction 🔍.

Next Time!

Both web3 users and gamers share a common belief: the next drop, the next transaction, or the next run could be the big one. It's that glimmer of hope that keeps the grind exciting and the anticipation high.

Random Events

Just as roguelike games are filled with random events that offer surprise rewards, web3 platforms offer unexpected opportunities. Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse events can provide valuable information or surprise rewards, keeping the game dynamic and unpredictable.

Hint System

In Elden Ring (not a roguelike, but work with me!), players leave notes and hints for one another. The same happens in the web3 space, where users share tips and insights through tweets. It's a communal effort to navigate the game's challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie 🤝.

You need 5 $PEPE to unlock

Random Drops

Coin airdrops in web3 are like randomized reward chests or NFTs in a game. Each one holds the promise of something valuable, keeping the anticipation high.


Just as certain keys in games unlock gated communities and guilds, some NFTs in the web3 world can grant you access to specific communities and groups. It's a thrilling mechanic that adds a layer of excitement and exclusivity to your journey.


Last but not least, losing your wallet in the web3 world is basically the same experiencing permadeath. It's a hard reset, a sobering reminder of the stakes at play.

The parallels between web3 and a roguelike game are striking. Each offers a unique blend of excitement, unpredictability, and a communal journey. So, whether you're a gamer or a web3 enthusiast, remember: the next run could always be the big one. Or not.

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Published 10 months ago