How to Use Lockt to Create Unlockable Content for Your NFT on Tezos

Did you know that you can add unlockable content to any Tezos NFT from any platform, for free? Read on to learn more.

2 years ago

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A very common feature request that Tezos creators have asked for is the ability to add unlockable or exclusive content for collectors of particular NFTs. Did you know that such a service already exists? In this post we'll go over the process on how to add unlockable content for any NFT on Tezos - you don't even have to own it yourself or be the original minter!

The service we'll be using to facilitate this unlockable content is called and was created by Codecrafting.

The Guide

Finally, in order to share the unlockable content link, just use the copy button.

Now, when you share the link with someone they will be presented with a screen like this.

If they have the incorrect NFTs after syncing their wallet, this is what they'll be presented with.

On the other hand, if the requirements are met, this is what they'll see.

Simply use the download button on the right hand side to grab your content.

Wrap Up

Using this tool is very easy. You really only need a couple pieces of information and any URL that you find for an NFT on DNS.XYZ will have everything you need to set it up. Contract Address + Token ID are the only prerequisite information required to set the unlockables up. There's no fees from Lockt, or even transaction fees since this is using Pinata under the hood and it's not technically done on-chain.

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(An earlier version of this guide was originally posted on TEZ.INK)

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago