We're Stronger, Faster, and Cooler Looking profiles are sporting a fresh coat of paint, but we also improved a bunch of things under the hood. Here's what we've accomplished so far.

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The best website in Web3 has gotten even better this week. There's a bevy of speed, UI, and UX improvements to share with you all today, but tl;dr: every aspect of the site is faster. Let's look at how we did that.

Picture Perfect πŸ“Έ

There's been a lot of optimizations in how we serve images to end users. We aren't always loading full resolution photos when a scaled down version is adequate. GIF compression is now smarter and should significantly reduce the pageload sizes. We basically told our JPEGs to work smarter, not harder.

Music To Our Ears 🎢🎚️

We've made changes to the way our music player works and handles things on the backend, in addition to drastically improving the speed, showing how much of the song is loaded/buffered, and notifying the user when a new track is playing.

The Fast and the FuriouDNS πŸ”₯

Nearly every section of the platform feels smoother and faster. There's fewer animations and transitions, which goes a long way to improve the feel of the UI. The new content delivery network (CDN) for our NFTs should offer a much smoother experience when loading and consuming videos as well. Loading times and resources used feel very much improved.

We still have lots of work to do, but don't hesitate to reach out in our Discord if you run into any problems.

Refreshed Profiles

The profiles have received a fresh coat of paint! 🎨 We've improved the AI to detect more NFTs, sections have been simplified, and everything loads faster too.

Profile Anatomy πŸ’€

Profiles are now organized by Music, Videos, and Art (separated by collected & created), as well as a section for lists, liked NFTs, and Top Collected Artists.

Hiding in Plain Sight πŸ™ˆ

If you don't want a specific NFT to show up on your page, you can now hide any NFT from your profile. When on the page for an NFT you own, simply use the button with 3 vertical dots and select the hide option. Hide your embarrassing mints and purchases with ease.🀘

Select the button with 3 vertical dots to use the hide from profile feature

Same Shoes, Different Views πŸ‘Ÿ

We now offer multiple ways to view your NFTs. The default is Simple, but we also have a Detailed and Table view. Each section of your profile can display differently if you want.

What do you mean, you eye? πŸ₯ΈπŸ€”

The UI has also received several tweaks that make for a much richer experience, special shoutout to Zarker. We now show which marketplace each item is listed, as well as a couple buttons to make things easier. Adding NFTs to the queue to be played, or adding them to a playlist is now immediately available. Setting up lists is now a breeze.

As always, we thrive off of user feedback. Tag @dns on Twitter, post in the Discord, let us know the things we can improve upon, request features, or anything else we should be aware of.

The DNS Team

Published a year ago