The DNS Team: Paris Edition ðŸĨ–

The DNS team goes international! Here's what we're up to and what we're planning on doing while visiting France. 🍟ðŸĨ–

2 years ago

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It's been an exciting week for the DNS team. We journeyed across the ocean and have assembled in Paris to cowork together for the rest of the month, meet up with some other members of the Tezos and web3 ecosystems, and also enjoy the offerings of one of the coolest cities in the world.

Working Together 🧑‍ðŸĪâ€ðŸ§‘

One of the benefits of the web3 space is that virtually everything can be worked on together online, there's very little, if any, reason to be forced to do things in person. This has a lot of benefits - we can work from anywhere, time zones aren't as important, and the flexibility allows a much wider range of potential people to work with.

But, with great power, comes great responsibility. All of these advantages of being able to work remotely can also make apparent some certain shortcomings. Strong communication skills, being able to take your own initiative, and operating without direct supervision can be a challenge. So that's one reason we've been looking forward to getting together in person. We've already proven that we can work well online, doing things in person should really accelerate the pace at which we're able to get things done.

Tezos Roots ðŸŠī

Tezos isn't the only blockchain we utilize at DNS, but it is our favorite. Tezos also has very strong French roots on the developer side of things. We're hoping to connect with people and teams while we're here and see if there's ways we can keep improving the product. If you're in the Paris area and want to connect, please reach out to us on Discord or Twitter and let's see if we can make it happen.

We've already got a few meetings on our schedule, but there's always room for more.  

What's Next 👉

Massive performance gains. If you've been with us for a while, you know that we iterate quickly and aren't afraid to make big changes. This time is no different, and we're very excited to finish it up and get it in your hands. We expect to be able to show off some previews in the coming week or two, and would love to head back home with the new design launched.

We're planning the architecture of DNS for the next 18 months. This allows us to think ahead for the next features of our roadmap like social activity, the ability to create more types of content, tighter integrations with other marketplaces, and improvements in our NFT discovery AI.

Seeing Sights 🙈

We're also here to have a little leisure time! Some of us on the team haven't traveled outside of the United States before and this was a wonderful opportunity to do so. So far we've checked out some incredible video game and anime nerd shops, of which there are an enormous amount in Paris. Did you know that France is the largest consumer of Japanese content outside of Japan itself? I didn't either, but it's readily apparent after browsing the plethora of storefronts in the city.

Part vacation, part business, but all productivity is how we're thinking of this trip. If you've got suggestions, let us know in the Discord or give us a shout on Twitter!

The DNS Team

Published 2 years ago