The Artists of #TezQuakeAid: TOCA ME

Today's deep dive into the artists of #TezQuakeAid features the Munich-based trio of TOCA ME.

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What is TOCA ME?

TOCA ME is a Munich-based trio of designers combining analog and digital elements using photography, illustration, collage, typography, and graphic design. They started as a design platform on the internet, publishing their own projects and showcasing some of the most creative minds in the global design scene. Impressed by the creative energy of festivals in Europe and Asia, they decided to start their own event in Munich, resulting in the first TOCA ME Design Conference in 2004. They continue to organize design events and remain active in the art world going on two decades now.

TOCA ME in Spanish means "touch me." They believes that touch is the ultimate form of communication, allowing people to connect emotionally and physically. The group's work reflects this philosophy, incorporating tactile and sensory elements that invite the viewer to engage with the artwork. TOCA ME has become known for their approach and commitment to building connections between people.

Non Fungible TOCA's

TOCA ME has been involved in the NFT space since March of 2021, participating in community events events such as HEN100, Aubjkt4Aubjkt, Tezos4Tezos, StandwithUkraine, and One of One. The group has found the Tezos community to be welcoming and friendly, using it not only as a vehicle for their artwork, but also as a way to network in the growing ecocsystem of Tezos:

"We met so many artists and were overwhelmed by the energy. It was the starting point to build closer connections within the growing art community on the Tezos blockchain."



When they heard about the earthquakes, and then later about #TezQuakeAid, they immediately went to work and created Amplitude. They minted 30 editions priced at 2 XTZ, with 100% of sales going to the fundraising wallet and were pleased to sell all the editions and contribute to the cause.

We would like to thank Merchant Coppola for nominating TOCA ME and are grateful for them taking part in this and contributing to the #TezQuakeAid efforts. If you would like to support them and other artists you can find all of their artwork here. What pieces have you collected from the event? What are your favorites? Show us on Twitter or jump into our Discord server.

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