How the Attention Economy is Changing Music

Welcome to the age of the attention economy, where all forms of entertainment are pitted against each other for eyeballs and clicks. Adapting to this state of play is the key to success.

9 months ago

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In the age of the attention economy, all forms of entertainment are in competition. Memes, music, videos, tweets - each vies for the same precious seconds of audience attention. The line between entertainment types has blurred, forcing musicians to adapt to the current state of things🤔🎧.

Social media has turned attention into a valuable commodity. With so many options vying for our eyeballs, the competition is fierce. Music, once a standalone form of entertainment, now has to compete with everything from viral videos to cat memes. This has fundamentally altered how we engage with music and entertainment. Here's why and how:


Social media's infinite scroll culture has shortened our attention spans. There's always something new to discover, making it harder for one form of entertainment to hold our attention. Music might have the power to move us, but can it compete with the instant entertainment of a hilarious meme or an attention-grabbing headline?

Visual content such as videos and images often perform better on social media because they're quickly and easily consumed. This puts music at a disadvantage, as it requires more time and attention from the audience.


Memes and videos are often more shareable than music. They're designed to be relatable, funny or shocking - qualities that encourage people to share with their networks. By contrast, music can be a more personal experience and less likely to be shared in the same way.

To survive in this attention economy, musicians must adapt. This could mean creating visually appealing album covers, sharing video clips of performances or behind-the-scenes content, or even creating memes related to their music. It's about finding ways to capture attention in the same way that other forms of entertainment do🎸.

"The new role of the artist: to make people pay attention to the world." -Brian Eno


Another solution may lie in collaboration. Musicians can team up with influencers, meme creators or video producers to create engaging cross-media content. This not only broadens their reach but also helps them tap into the power of other entertainment forms.


We've also seen the rise of musical memes - viral song clips or dance trends. These show that music can compete in the attention economy, provided it's packaged in the right way.

We never found out what does the fox say


Despite these changes, authenticity remains key. Audiences can sense when a musician is trying too hard to fit into a particular mold or trend. The most successful artists are those who stay true to themselves while finding creative ways to engage their audience💯.

Navigating the attention economy as a musician is challenging but not impossible. It's about understanding the new rules of engagement and finding innovative ways to compete with other entertainment forms.

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Published 9 months ago